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Black Angus Beef naturally raised.Grain finished or grass finished. Custom cut bulk orders, smaller variety packages, or large variety of cuts to choose from.
Grass fed beef and lamb, free range organic chicken, turkeys. Vegetables, rhubarb, homemade chutneys. Farm gate and CSA by appointment
Sweet corn. Many cuts of pork.
Naturally raised, grass fed bison.
Beef, Buffalo, Elk, Wild Boar, Poultry as well as prepared meats
Chemical free deer, elk, buffalo, wild boar, ducks, geese, camel, and kangaroo. Domestic varieties such as beef pork chicken lamb
Eggs and occasionally laying hens grain-fed, roam-free. Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved.
Halal lamb, goat, veal, beef
Sausages, lean ground beef, roasts, hamburger, steak. Our beef is government inspected and raised without growth hormones.
Naturally raised beef. Frozen beef in a variety of cuts, our famous burgers, sausages,pepperettes, ribs and more.
Cheddar cheese, soft cheese, curds, flavour cheeses,  sizzling hot Havarti, Asiella; Oxford Honey, Ontario maple syrup, Ontario apple butter
Hormone and antibiotic free beef
Lamb custom orders or cuts available. Phone ahead or order via our website
Beef, lamb, chickens, turkey, eggs. Wool.
Naturally raised beef and lamb. Large orders, individual cuts. Order online for delivery or contact us for on farm pick up.
Certified organic Black Angus beef
Beef, pork, chicken; also BBQ’d
Beef and lamb
Grass-fed beef, raspberries, elderberries.
Organically raised grass fed lamb and Tamworth pork.
Locally raised beef
Lamb, no hormones, pastured, fertilizer and pesticide-free home-grown hay.
Naturally raised and hormone free meats; black angus beef, heritage pork, chicken, turkey. Eggs and seasonal vegetables.
Elk: Steaks, Sausages, Roasts.
By appointment. Grass-fed Black Angus beef, pork, poultry, eggs.
Free-run, pasture-raised chicken. Call, email or visit our website to place an order.
Organic – red veal, ground beef, all beef summer sausage, beef,pork sausages, all beef pepperettes
Goose and duck products. Sprouted barley grass juice. Sea Buckthorn berries and juice. Elderberries, flax products.
100% grass fed beef, non-certified organic.
A small, pasture based family farm. Grass-fed and finished beef, pasture raised chicken, and field-and-forest pork available year round through our online store.
Chicken and turkey
Artisan cheese and milk.
Provincially inspected. Individually packaged steaks, stew, and other cuts of beef. Beef sausages, pepperettes and jerky.
Freezer Beef, Pork and Lamb, Sweet Corn. Tours available
Whole turkeys and various cuts, as well as turkey pies
Sheep, cow and goat’s milk cheeses. On-site federally licensed plant, pasteurized, no growth hormones, no antibiotics.
Certified organic pigs, chickens and cows. Year round certified organic soybean-free whole farm CSA.
Organic Frozen Beef, Heirloom Potatoes and limited seasonal vegetables. By appointment or by chance
Organic pork
Beef; sides, quarters and freezer packs (hamburger, stewing beef and patties, natural corn-fed, organic grass-fed)
Rainbow trout (whole, cleaned, fillets)
Certified naturally grown grass-fed beef. Pepperettes, summer sausage, lean ground beef, and other cuts.
Four unique varieties of farmstead cheese; variety of other Oxford County products
Locally grown pork and beef
Grass-fed Highland beef (naturally raised, hormone free)
Beef, pork, poultry, rabbit, wild game, lamb, goat
Free range, grass fed pork, chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit and guinea fowl.
Free-range, pasture raised chickens. Visit our website for pricing and other details.
Lamb, veal, pork and beef. Dairy products made from our ewes’ milk (cheese, yogurt and caramel)
Natural lamb, lamb sausages. No antibiotics, no hormones, pasture fed.
Lamb, lamb chops, racks, roasts, ground, sausage, pepperettes and smoked products
Freezer beef, certified organic crops available for livestock feed. Ground beef, steak, roasts, and organ meat
Turkey, chicken, duck, goose, fish, beef
Pasture fed livestock; heritage breeds of chicken, turkey, beef and pork
Lamb Meat
Organically Raised Beef and Lamb (Chemical, Hormone and GMO Free)
Lamb, chicken, pork, beef and even maple syrup
Locally raised beef
Fresh and frozen turkeys and turkey products.
Steaks, roasts, burgers and several cheeses too
Premium Pasture Raised Chicken. We use a vegetable based feed without the use of antibiotics. Our chicken is vacuum packed air chilled and frozen.
Dairy goat farm milking 200 goats. Currently selling rhubarb and products made from rhubarb.
Pickerel, Yellow Perch, Lake Whitefish, Lake Trout,assorted Lake Huron fish, farmed fish, ocean fish and seafood
Locally produced beef, pork and chicken. A wide variety of cuts available
Pork, beef, eggs
Beef sides or quarters. Cooked roast beef, cooked roast lamb. Vacuum-packed single-portion meats. Omega eggs
Organically raised heritage lamb and wool (fleece, roving batts, yarn)
Turkeys, sweet corn, maple syrup
Products include Non-GMO,free-range, non-certified organic chicken (whole or cuts). AALL sales must be pre-arranged by phone or email.
Locally produced lamb
Beef, Chicken, turkeys
Grass-fed certified organic Black Angus beef. Other products include Red Tamworth pork, lamb, maple syrup, honey, chickens, turkey, guinea fowl, ducks
Fresh seasonal vegetables, beef, chicken, lamb. Water buffalo meat and dairy. Eggs, baked goods, organic groceries. Certified organic
Beef, Meat Free Delivery in Durham Region
Pasture raised heritage pork. Offering whole or half hog orders on a seasonal basis.
Farm fresh eggs and lamb
Natural beef, chicken,turkey, pork, rabbit, buffalo, venison,elk, lamb,goat. Cheeses, honey andmaple syrup, and baked goods
Pork, lamb, poultry, hops, naturally smoked bacon, peameal bacon, sausages, and of course, pickles
Ground beef, steak, roasts. Custom ordered beef quarters and halves
Yak, beef, lamb and goat. Sausage, salami, jerky, wool, pelts
Grass-fed lamb and beef. Free range chickens.
Naturally raised red deer venison and wild boar. A wide assortment, processed in inspected facility.
Custom cut freezer lamb sold by whole or 1/2 lamb boxes
Pheasant meat and eggs
Lamb available through CSA
Beef, pork, chicken in a variety of cuts
Beef, pork, maple syrup, seasonal vegetables, jams, jellies and herbs
Lamb Cuts, Sausages, Meat Pies, Buns, Tarts and Strudel, Wild Bird Feed
Beef – home grown, drug and hormone free, local pork, Ontario chicken
Beef, pork
Veal. Organic milk